More women entering the agriculture industry

It appears more women are choosing farming as a career, not only across the country but also here at home. The most recent census done on agriculture in Canada found while the number of those operating farms in the country is going down, the proportion of women is going up.

The data reveals that women made up 28.7 per cent of all farm operators in 2016, which works out to almost 78 thousand out of nearly 272 thousand farmers in total which is up from 2011 when female farmers made up 27.4 per cent of the group.

Ontario Federation of Agriculture Vice President Peggy Brekveld, who runs a dairy farm in Thunder Bay, says she sees women taking on a larger role in the agriculture world all over. “I also see women making active decisions on their own farms, sometimes being sole proprietors and even in partnerships with parents or spouses.”

Brekveld adds its imperative that women in the farming industry mentor young women looking to enter the field and encourage them to join the industry.

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